Welcome to Northernmost, we are a small FCI registered kennel located on the coast of northern Sweden. During the last ten years we have been living in the northernmost parts of Lapland, far north of the Arctic Circle. Thanks to our northern location we have enjoyed a perfect setting for Malamute working activities, such as sledding and skijoring in winter, and packing in summer. We have embarked on multiday backcountry excursions each year and our dogs have earned AMCA working titles for their achievements. After relocating our home and kennel a bit further south in 2010, to a village south of Skellefteå, we have gained better access to dog club activities and conformation shows, and have become active in rally obedience, agility and showing too. Our main interest, however, will always be to venture out in the wilderness and enjoying our dogs in their right element. This website is dedicated to our amazing Alaskan Malamutes, thanks for visiting!



Northernmost Alaskan Malamutes began when fate brought a very special Malamute girl into my life. I adopted 3-year-old “Lily”and from that day Malamutes became my biggest passion. If it hadn’t been for Lily, I might have been involved in Siberian Huskies instead. The legendary Norwegian sled dog driver Leonhard Seppala was my grandmother’s cousin and having grown up with these amazing stories from Alaska it was only natural for me to develop an interest in the dogs of the North. However, since I love to set out on recreational winter camping trips but have no interest in racing bigger teams, the strong and powerful Alaskan Malamute is the perfect breed for me.

Besides caring for our dogs I run a company that specializes in branding and copywriting. I’m also a keen photographer and love to combine Malamute working activities with exploring the beautiful wilderness of Arctic Lapland.




I have been around dogs all my life. I grew up with a Sealyham Terrier, a Boxer, a Tibetian Terrier and a Labrador but decided early on that my first own dog would be an Alaskan Malamute. I acquired a Malamute puppy when I was younger but sadly had to return her to her breeders after a short while due to a change in my career. Luckily I remained good friends with her breeders and, as chance would have it, through their circle of friends Marit and I met a few years later. Now that I share my life with a pack of Alaskan Malamutes I know for sure it is the breed for me.

Besides caring for our dogs I am a consultant at one of the largest IT-companies in Europe. Having always been involved in various sports I enjoy keeping our dogs fit by taking them on daily runs by bike or on foot and going on multiday excursions during our holidays.




We’re very lucky to have Marit’s mother Kaisa as our next door neighbour. Kaisa has always been a wonderful “Grandma” to our Malamutes and they all love to visit her house. For us it is great to have an extra eye to look after our dogs, especially when we have puppies at home.

Marit’s interest in skiing and spending time in the great outdoors come from both her parents. As a teenager her mother Kaisa was a Lapland junior cross-country skiing champion!




We are members of the following clubs and organisations:

Swedish Kennel Club 

Åbyn-Byske Brukshundklubb

Skellefteå Brukshundklubb




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