Daily Life

We live on a farm in the countryside in northern Sweden where we have plenty of room for our dogs and puppies to run and play, enjoying fresh air and exercise every day. A lot of time and effort have gone into providing them with safe and spacious outdoor facilities but it has all been worthwhile since we believe that dogs who are able to stay active during the day, are happier and healthier than dogs who spend most of their time confined to their pens. Since Marit manages her company from home one of us is always present to supervise their activities and make sure each dog gets his fair share of playtime and individual attention.

All our dogs are housebroken and are invited into our home just like any regular pets. When we have puppies or a new dog they spend the first couple of months living indoors as we believe this is the best way of establishing a strong bond with each dog, as well as developing good house manners. Due to their thick double coats our adult Malamutes generally prefer to sleep outdoors in their spacious pens and to keep them comfortable in all kinds of weather each dog has an insulated dog house which we fill with a bedding of hay or straw in winter. You can see more photos from our home and kennels in our Daily Life and Playtime galleries.


We love spending time with our Malamutes and grooming is a natural part of our weekly routine. Unlike owners who believe that Alaskan Malamutes do not need bathing and prefer to keep them “the natural way” we believe that a healthy coat equals a healthy dog and view bathing and brushing as necessary steps to keeping a Malamute in excellent condition. Also, when caring for their coats, trimming nails and cleaning teeth, we have the chance to examine all parts of the dog and prevent minor ailments, such as hot spots for example, from becoming a bigger problem. We can clearly see how our Mals enjoy their grooming sessions (they wait in line to be brushed!) and as dog owners we pride ourselves in having a pack of healthy looking dogs.

buddiesWe feed our dogs a premium kibble and add human grade meat during the coldest days of winter (in Lapland the midwinter temperature often drops down below -40C/F). To support a healthy skin and beautiful coat we also add a high quality Omega 3 Fish oil supplement.


It is important to us that our Malamutes are happy in their canine pack and that they function well as individuals outside our kennel, with people, kids, dogs, and in different environments. With this is mind we enrol our puppies in puppy class and spend a lot of time on socialisation. We go to the local dog club for training sessions and make sure to involve our dogs in our daily life as much as possible – even if it is just a trip to town, a stroll in the park or a visit to a busy market fair.

When done on a regular basis Malamutes become outgoing and well-adjusted pets who are a joy to bring along on any event.


The Alaskan Malamute is a working breed and working activities are an important part of our weekly routine. In winter we skijor and sled with our dogs on almost a daily basis and in summer we train them in front of a cart or with the bicycle, and take them hiking with or without backpacks. Involving our dogs in working activities is a great way of developing a strong bond and a wonderful way of experiencing the outdoors together.

Besides sledding and packing we also introduce our to sports such as rally obdience and agility. The focus is always on having fun together and keeping our dogs happy, healthy and well conditioned. AMCA’s working program, and especially its excursion method for sledding and backpacking, fits well with our training philosophy and enables us to gain official working titles for our dogs in a non-competitive framework. You can see photos from our various working activities in our Working Galleries

Our Malamutes are our lifestyle and we devote most of our time to our dogs and plan our life, home and holidays around them. They make us happy so we do our best to make sure they are happy too!