In August 2011 we went on a packing trip with Thunder, Tuisku and Gem on the island of Senja in Arctic Norway. The scenery on this mountainous island is truly spectacular but unfortunately it rained throughout most of our hike and at time the trail was very slippery. We followed the popular “Senja på Langs” trail, starting at Burmannsvatnet, where we parked our car, and going down to Olaheimen in the south and back again. The rugged terrain was quite challenging and our feet felt heavy when we returned to Burmannsvatnet on the final day of our hike. Luckily we had time to recuperate on a beautiful desert island just outside Senja before it was time to return home. Tuisku and Thunder completed the requirements for their WPDX-titles during this hike (subject to AMCA confirmation) and Gem completed her second WPDX-leg. Please click on the photos to see larger versions.