Nordiclight’s Thunder, WTD, WPD

Kablunaq’s Swinging Satchmo, WTD, ROMWD, ROMWDA x Ch. Oopik’s Kindred Spirit, WTDX, ROMWD

Thunder is our beautiful agouti boy whose gentle looks is matched by his sweet personality. He is a true gentleman who’s always eager to take part in working activities and have fun with his friends. You can read more about Thunder here.

Keikewabic’s Tundra Tuisku, WTDX, WPD

Ch. Keikewabic’s Ice Breaker x BISS Ch. Keikewabic’s Tundra Bewitched

Tuisku is our workhorse, a reliable sled dog who knows nothing better than to hit the trail and lead our team on new adventures. Tuisku is also a stunningly beautiful Mal whose luxurious looks still take our breath away. You can read more about Tuisku here

Sledog Mountainous Peak, WTD

BJISS Mountain Home Sledog Pride, WTD, WPD x Hyteton Harvest Festival at Sledog, WPD

Titan is an athletic and strong dog with a heart of gold. He is a real power in harness and loves to take part in all kinds of activities. Most of all he loves to be part of the family. You can read more about Titan here

Mtn Home’s NM A Touch of The Wild, WTD

Rubicon’s Mojo Working, WTD x Mtnhomes Runnin In The Shadows, WTD, WPD

Handsome Wilder is a half-brother of our girl Hilary and the latest addition to our family. He has a wonderful outgoing personality and has already proven himself as a sled dog and as a versatile Mal that is quick to learn both rally and agility. You can read more about Wilder here