Keikewabic’s Tundra Tuisku, WTDX, WPD
 Ch. Keikewabic’s Ice Breaker  x  BISS Ch. Keikewabic’s Tundra Bewitched

D.O.B. July 3, 2005
Breeder: Maureen Anderson & Pamela J. Kovac, Canada
Reg No: S33385/2006
Color: Gray & White
Hips: B, Elbows: 0
Eyes: Clear (2008, 2010, 2013)
Polyneuropathy: Homozygous normal
Thyroid: Normal, TgAA negative (2012)
Long Coat Gene DNA: N/F (Carrier)
1 CAC, 1 x CACIB

Tuisku’s Pedigree – PDF


Tuisku is blessed with stunning good looks and an amazing desire to work. He’s the kind of dog you know will conquer any obstacles on the trail and bring you home in a snowstorm, simply because he loves to be a sled dog and is happiest when out performing his job. Beside being a functional working dog, with great feet and coat, Tuisku is also a strikingly handsome Malamute. So far, he has only been shown a handful of times but has done very well on those occasions, gaining his first CAC and CACIB at fifteen months of age and winning Best in Show at the Swedish Polardog Club event Kiruna Snowdog in 2007. “Tuisku” means blizzard in Finnish and is a fitting name for this eager whirlwind on the trail!

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