Snowhow Shade of Raven, WTD

Ch Snowlion’s Lone Ranger, WTD x FIN  MVA Neatut Palarpok, REK1, KVK1

Leia is our Big Bear – a substantial girl with an ever bigger personality. Leia oozes confidence and takes her job on the team seriously. She’s an intelligent girl who listens well to commands and loves to show off her skills at the agility course. You can read more about Leia here.

Mtn Home’s Northernmost Gem, WTDX, WPD

Mtn Home’s Spring In The Air, WLD x Mtn Home’s Choose To Cruise, WTD, ROMWD

Gemma is our Little Miss Sunshine, always happy and always looking to have some fun. Gemma has a curious and outgoing personality and is an eager working dog who always has fun on the trail. Gemma has completed many miles in harness and gained AMCA working titles both as a sled and pack dog. You can read more about Gemma here.

Sledog Dream Leaper, WTD

Mtn Home’s Spring In The Air WLD x BPISS Sledog Forest Stream

We co-own Lyra with our friends Nicola Singh and Stuart Winterton of Sledog Kennels in the United Kingdom. Lyra is a strong and eager worker who loves to hit the trail, both as part of a team and on an individual basis. During 2013 she has been introduced to rally obedience and packing and has completed three legs toward her WPD-title. You can read more about Lyra here.

Mtn Home’s Northernmost Hiking Hilary, WTD

Mtn Home’s Jake Frost, WTD, WPD x Mtn Home’s Runnin In The Shadows, WTD

The meaning of the name Hilary is “cheerful and happy” and that’s a neat description of her personality. Hilary has a wonderful temperament and gets along with every dog she meets. She is a natural in harness and has the confidence and drive to work in lead. During 2013 she completed her WTD-title and has also been introduced to agility. You can read more about Hilary here.